We Want To Amp Your Summer

Get Amped!

With high-flying dogs, loud music, big crowds, and all day programming, our mission is to improve the lives of our canine competitors, our human XDS family, and all of the fans by providing the most exciting and accurately judged canine contests anywhere.

Xtreme DogSports, DogTown™, and Xtreme AirDogs have been bringing fun and energy to the Pacific Northwest since 2003. With high-flying dogs, loud music, and heart like no other company out there, our mission is to improve the lives of canines and our human XAD family and fans. We continue to revolutionize dog sports by bringing fun new competitive games and the best and most accurate scoring technology anywhere.

We currently host Dock Diving, Disc Games, and K9X, which is a fast-paced run, jump, and grab, ground based sport of our own creation. We will soon add agility, other popular dog sports, and new games of our own creation to our lineup. XDS is currently developing an XTreme DogSport governing, title and registration body that will include titling for most of the ground and water dog sports. All breeds and mixed-breeds are welcome at our events.