Xtreme DogSports

2019-2020 Racing License
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Register your dog for titling for a one time fee of $10 per dog. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to participate in dock events, and at least 1 year old to participate in land events (K9X and RapidDisc).

A Family License costs $50 and includes you plus 2 family members living in the your home. An Individual License costs $35. Handlers must be at least 7 years old to compete.

Xtreme DogSports now offers racing licenses and dog registration. Handlers purchase their racing license for the year. Benefits of being a licensed racer include identification for entry into events, special discounts, package deals on entry fees, and eligiblity for world championship events, point races, Dockstars Team, Pro Dog Collegiate Stadium Championships. as well as entry into Top Dog competitions at no additional cost. Licensed racers may work toward titles for their registered dogs, and are able to track their progress through the score tracking page on our website. Electronic certificates will be emailed as titles are earned. Racing licenses may be renewed annually to maintain records and titling information.

Dog smiling at side of the pool
Come on in, the water's fine!

Anyone can participate in XDS and give-it-a-try events without purchasing a racing license. Non-licensed racers are eligible for wave and finals awards, but scores will not be recorded in our titling records, and will not count towards eligibility for championships events, point races, or stadium events. Licensed racers will have access to their records from electronically measured scores for time or distance sports, or from a certified judge in performance events. Come race with us!