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Sweet Home DogTown™ Festival

Sweet Home DogTown™ Festival

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Xtreme DogSports is partnering with the city of Sweet Home to host the very first DogTown™ Festival! Nestled up against the banks of the South Santiam River at the base of the Cascades, Sweet Home is known as the Gateway to the Santiam Playground. A percentage of the net profits from this festival will be donated to the Sweet Home police department to help fund their K-9 officer program.

In addition to our popular canine sports competitions and our Give-It-A-Try™ program, Cascade K-9 Jamboree will also be here with demonstrations throughout the day. With 3 spectator arenas, there will be something going on all weekend long. In between shows, visit our K-9 stores or any of the several dining options. If that's not enough, DogTown™ will also offer on-site competitor camping. Don't miss this fun event!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

10:00am-7:00pmDogTown K-9 Stores OpenDog Community
10:00am-7:00pmDogTown Warm Up Area OpenWarm-Up Area
10:00am-3:30pm*Give-It-A-Try™ Xtreme AirArena 1
10:00am-3:30pm*Give-It-A-Try™ Xtreme RapidDiscArena 2
10:00am-7:00pmDogTown Warm Up Area OpenWarm-Up Area
10:00amXtreme Air Wave 1Arena 1
11:00pmXtreme RapidDisc Flight 1Arena 2
12:00pm-1:00pmCascade K-9 Jamboree DemoArena 3
as availableK9X Sprint TrialsArena 3
12:00pmXtreme RapidDisc Flight 2Arena 2
1:00pmXtreme Air Wave 2Arena 1
3:00pmXtreme Air Wave 3Arena 1
4:00pmXtreme RapidDisc FinalsArena 2
5:30pmXtreme Hi-Jump FinalsArena 1

Sunday, July 14, 2019

10:00am-5:00pmDogTown K-9 Stores OpenDog Community
10:00am-5:00pmDogTown K-9 Stars Photo Booth OpenDog Community
10:00am-3:00pmDogTown Warm Up Area OpenWarm-Up Area
10:00amXtreme Air Wave 4 Last Chance QualifiersArena 1
11:00am-12:00pmCascade K-9 Jamboree DemoArena 3
12:30pmXtreme Retrieve FinalsArena 1
1:00pmK9X Drag FinalsArena 3
2:30pmXtreme Air Finals Begin (estimated times)Arena 1
2:30pmXtreme Air Novice FinalsArena 1
3:00pmXtreme Air Amateur FinalsArena 1
3:30pmXtreme Air Semi-Pro FinalsArena 1
4:00pmXtreme Pro FinalsArena 1
5:00pmXtreme Air Xtreme Pro FinalsArena 1

* Arenas 1 and 2 are open for Give-It-A-Try™ between competitions and demos

Sweet Home Dogtown™ Festival Site Map

Entrance and Registration Fees

  • Admission at the Gate $5/kids free
  • Give-It-A-Try $15.00
  • Xtreme Air per wave (2 jumps) $20
  • Xtreme Hi-Jump $25
  • Xtreme Retrieve $25
  • K9X per heat (2 runs) $15
  • Xtreme RapidDisc per flight (two turns) $15
  • Top Dog Entry - no charge for licensed racers
  • Competitor Camping Tent $15
  • Competitor Camping R.V. $20
  • Competitor Camping R.V. w/ electric $35