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The leader in outdoor canine performance events

The Xtreme Dog Sporting Association (XDS) revolutionizes the sporting world for competitve canine sports. XDS is a non-discriminatory canine registration and titling association that represents all canines no matter the breed or mix of breeds. Pick your favorite sports and earn Xtreme Titles with your dog.


Dock JumpingMake a splash

Xtreme Air, Xtreme Hi-Jump, and Xtreme Retrieve all splash down in our 40 foot pool. Xtreme Air measures how far the dog jumps. In Xtreme Hi-Jump, dogs jump up to grab a bumper suspended over the pool. Highest jump wins! In Xtreme Retrieve, the dog jumps then swims across the pool, grabs a suspended bumper at the far end of the pool, and brings it back to the dock for the only true retrieve in the dock diving world.


Drag RacingThe need for speed

Head to head, heart racing doggie drag racing fun. K9X is a fast paced canine sprint and drag race event owned and hosted by Xtreme DogSports. K9X offers three disciplines: Sprint Racing (dogs race the course solo for a time), Drag Racing (dogs race head-to-head in a bracket racing format), and Relay Racing (Teams of 2 race the course for a combined time). Get signed up….and GET IT, GET IT, GET IT!


Disc GamesCatch it on the fly

Xtreme RapidDisc - throw and catch as many times as you can before time runs out. Teams may use up to 6 discs and have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. Handlers throw from a central box, alternating each end of the field, and score points for catches in different point zones. With 6 discs flying and the clock running, this is not your grandpa's doggo fetch.

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